Harassing a Lion in Gir National Park May Brings a Stringent Punishment Now

Sasan Gir, Gujarat

News Update: 22-June-2018

Now, harassing or teasing Lions in the Gir National Park can get you a harsh punishment of 7 years of imprisonment. Recently, the government of Gujarat has announced a tough action against the offenders in the National Park who will harass the King of the forest.

After several incidents of harassing and teasing the Lions in Gir have surfaced recently, the government of Gujarat proposed a sentence of seven years of imprisonment for the lawbreakers. The harsh step was taken in the wake of the many such offending videos of Lion harassment, which surfaced over the social media networks and got viral online inviting a sharp criticism from the wildlife activists and enthusiasts about the security and safety of wildlife in the Gir National Park.

The officials of the Gir National Park and the forest department of Gujarat will also set up a network of local informers who will inform the authorities instantly if any illegal activities occurred in or around the park such as illegal video filming or photography of the Asiatic lion or the illegal lion show organized by the local offenders.

The Gir National Park is among the most popular National Parks in India and the only natural abode of the Asiatic Lions in the world. The wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers used to visit the park for the holiday and Jeep safari in the Gir forest for the wildlife sighting. However, many videos of teasing, harassing and attracting Lions’ attention illegally inside the Gir National Park have damaged the reputation of the park. So, the harsh punishment may work as a big deterrent for the offenders.

The minister of forest in Gujarat, Ganpat Vasava said, “The new decisions were taken to provide a safety net for lions and ensure that they are conserved.” In addition to the punishment, other decisions have also been taken to enhance the safety of the wildlife in Gir such as a declaration of nearly 109 square km of the area near the park located in the Amreli and Bhavnagar districts as a Gir conservation reserve.

How to Book Online Safari in Sasan Gir

The dense and deciduous forest of Sasan Gir is among the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India and the only reserve forest which is the natural home to the endangered Asiatic Lions in the world. With the proper conservation efforts, the shrinking population of Lions has now reached up to a decent number. The forest of Gir has been synonymous with the King of the forest, the Asiatic Lions, since hundreds of years ago when the forest was the hunting abode of the Royal members of the Junagarh Kingdom.

Being the only wildlife destination in India for the sighting of the majestic King of the Jungle, the Gir forest department provides an opportunity for the wildlife enthusiasts, especially Lion lovers, to get the sight of the forest King and his pride in their natural habitat. The wildlife safari is organized for the tourists by the forest department, which takes tourists deep inside the forest so that they can explore the wildlife in its natural state.

Many different types of the safaris are available in the various such forests and parks in India depending on the ecological diversities of the park. The Gir National Park offers only the Jeep Safari to explore the Gir forest. The safari Jeeps that are registered with the forest department of Gir are allowed to enter into the reserve forest. A maximum of 6 adults and 1 children (below 11 years) are allowed in a Jeep Safari apart from the driver and a naturalist guide. With every Jeep Safari, a forest guide is mandatory as per the rules by the forest department.

The prime concern of every wildlife tourist who visits any National Park is the process of booking the safari. The Gir National Park offers an online booking facility to book your entry permit for the safari. Only a limited number of Jeeps are allowed to go inside the forest in a shift and three shifts are organized in the Sasan Gir. All the entry permits of the Jeep safari can only be booked through the online system. There is no safari booking facility at the Gir reception center so visiting at the Gir reception directly for the safari without any prior online booking will lend you in a big hassle.

For making an online booking in gir, you have to provide the details like Full Name, Age and Sex of each visitor. All the information should be same as printed on the identity cards of each visitor as booking with the incorrect or incomplete ID proof will be considered invalid. You will not be permitted for the safari against such booking permits. Also, your original identity proof will be checked at the entry gate so carry the same ID proofs while going for the safari. For the Indian citizen, any government approved ID card will be accepted such as Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, etc. For the foreigners, only the Passport will be accepted as the Identity card.

Along with the ID proofs, you also have to provide the date of the visit and the shift of safari to book the permit. You can choose any shift according to your convenience among the three shifts organized daily which are early morning shift (6am-9am), morning shift (9am-12pm) and afternoon shift (3pm-6pm). In order to finalize the booking, you have to pay the full safari amount in advance. Tourists can book Jeep safari online a maximum of 90 days prior to the visit. There is a heavy rush of wildlife tourists during holiday seasons so it is always advisable to make an advance booking for the safari.

For Online Safari Booking: http://www.sasangirnationalpark.in/online-gir-forest-safari-booking.html
For Online Devalia Safari Booking: http://www.sasangirnationalpark.in/online-gir-forest-safari-booking.html

Locals Were Seen Harassing a Hungry Lioness in Gir Forest in a Viral Video

Gir National Park, Sasan Gir

News Update: 06-June-2018

Locals Were Seen Harassing a Hungry Lioness in Gir Forest in a Viral Video

The Gir National Park tops in the incidents of wildlife abusing. In a new video that surfaced recently and goes viral on social media, another incident of harassing the endangered Asiatic lion can be seen which occurred in or around the Gir Forest National Park. It’s not the first time in the Gir forest; this is just another incident which is the perfect example of human’s appalling behavior towards our protected wildlife.

In this video footage of Gir, few local people can be seen teasing a hungry lioness with a chicken. It can be clearly seen in the video that a group of few local men and a woman teasing a lioness with a chicken in hand. The lioness seems hungry and the man first fools the lioness many times by pretending to throw the hen towards her before finally throws it for the lioness to grab and eat. One person among them was capturing all the activity in his mobile camera that later surfaced on the WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

During this harassing activity captured in the video, it can also be heard at one point that a person present there even requested him to make the lioness to roar. When the lioness came very close to the teasing person, he arrogantly boasted that it is his daily activity and he doesn’t get scared of the wild animals anymore.

As per the reports, numerous such video footage’s of wildlife harassment’s, especially, the lion harassment’s were recovered from the mobile phones of the people whom the police had arrested last month on the charge of the illegal Lion show in the Gir forest.

It seems such wildlife harassment incidents by the locals become a normal thing in the Gir Forest. Earlier too, many such videos of the Gir forest had come into the limelight and a lot of outcry and noise had been made by the wildlife enthusiasts over the social media platforms. Such videos put the biggest question marks on the safety and security of the wildlife in Gir.