Brave Farmer Fought Against Lion to Protect His Cows Near Gir National Park

Gir National Park, Gujarat-News Update– For any farmer, growing crops and animals are the real asset for him. He treat cow like a member of his family and this is the reason why he can go to any extent to protect and care them. These days CCTV footage is making rounds over the social media in which a farmer from Gujarat could be seen fighting with lion to protect his cowsMan Fight With Lion.

The video footage that appeared on YouTube shows the date of the incident as 18 June i.e. Tuesday. It is being said that the name of the farmer living by making a house near Gir National Park is Devsingh Wadher. In the video footage of 30 seconds, it appears that farmer was in his house, only then he heard the voices of cows. The moment he comes out, he finds that his cows have been attacked by a lion.

The farmer saw that cow’s calf have been caught by the lion. Wadher quickly raises a thick stance and kicks the head of the lion with a loud thrust. Fortunately, the thick stick felt on the head of the lion, and his stoop left the calf. Wadher explains that the lion left the calf because of injury and jumped off boundary wall.  Wadher said that the calf is only five months old and he is very close to my heart. The lion had already grabbed his neck. It could be seen clearly in the video that the many cow run inside after the lion fled. Wadher said further that such incidents happen at least two times in a week when wild animals attack cows.

The interesting thing is that this incident took place early in the morning. Wadher did not have full clothes on his body. The good thing about this incident is that no causality is reported.

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