Group of Miscreants Abused and Harassed Lions While Eating Prey in Gir National Park

Gir National Park, Gujarat

News Update: 03-May-2018

Group of Miscreants Abused and Harassed Lions While Eating Prey in Gir National Park
Group of Miscreants Abused and Harassed Lions While Eating Prey in Gir National Park

Do Indians really care about the wildlife? Do we really understand our duties towards the protected wildlife sanctuary and national parks? We neither respect the serenity of our forests nor value the endangered wildlife species. A video of Gir National Park, which recently surfaced in the news showed that how rude and abusing some people are towards our wildlife and our national pride. Some of the miscreants harassing the protected Asiatic Lions, shouting and whistling while the Lions were eating their prey in the forest of Gir National Park and lastly angered Lions walked away leaving their prey.

At present, the Gir National Park is the one and only natural habitat left for the endangered Asiatic Lions in the world and thus attracts a large chunk of wildlife tourists to get the sighting of the Asiatic Lions in their natural home. Being a National Park, there are strict rules and regulations have to be followed in the Gir National Park like all other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which clearly meant for respecting the space and freedom of the wild animals, and not disturbing them and their habitat in any possible way.

However, some people do not abide the strict guidelines and wildlife laws meant nothing for them. The video of Gir National Park that goes viral is the proof of this mentality which shows that a group of men shouting, whistling and trying to shooing away Lions, scaring them away while they were eating their prey. In the video, three lions were seen eating their prey when some people interrupted them by intruding into their space and started shouting and whistling at them. As the miscreants kept shouting and whistling, the angry Lions walked away without eating their prey and leaving the prey on the spot.

The foremost question is how these people reached so close to the Lions in the Gir National Park, which is a well-protected national park. The authorities of the Gir Forest National Park got into the action when the video reached them. They are trying to find out how these men get so close to the Lions. With the help of the cyber cell, they are trying to trace the mobile and nab the culprits who abused the Lions in the park. The forest officer of Gir National Park, Ramesh Jalodhara said, “We are reaching out to the cyber cell to trace the mobile and its location from which the video has been recorded. After tracing the location, we will try to find out the reason why these people did what they did. Appropriate action will be taken after the probe.”

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