Locals Were Seen Harassing a Hungry Lioness in Gir Forest in a Viral Video

Gir National Park, Sasan Gir

News Update: 06-June-2018

Locals Were Seen Harassing a Hungry Lioness in Gir Forest in a Viral Video

The Gir National Park tops in the incidents of wildlife abusing. In a new video that surfaced recently and goes viral on social media, another incident of harassing the endangered Asiatic lion can be seen which occurred in or around the Gir Forest National Park. It’s not the first time in the Gir forest; this is just another incident which is the perfect example of human’s appalling behavior towards our protected wildlife.

In this video footage of Gir, few local people can be seen teasing a hungry lioness with a chicken. It can be clearly seen in the video that a group of few local men and a woman teasing a lioness with a chicken in hand. The lioness seems hungry and the man first fools the lioness many times by pretending to throw the hen towards her before finally throws it for the lioness to grab and eat. One person among them was capturing all the activity in his mobile camera that later surfaced on the WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

During this harassing activity captured in the video, it can also be heard at one point that a person present there even requested him to make the lioness to roar. When the lioness came very close to the teasing person, he arrogantly boasted that it is his daily activity and he doesn’t get scared of the wild animals anymore.

As per the reports, numerous such video footage’s of wildlife harassment’s, especially, the lion harassment’s were recovered from the mobile phones of the people whom the police had arrested last month on the charge of the illegal Lion show in the Gir forest.

It seems such wildlife harassment incidents by the locals become a normal thing in the Gir Forest. Earlier too, many such videos of the Gir forest had come into the limelight and a lot of outcry and noise had been made by the wildlife enthusiasts over the social media platforms. Such videos put the biggest question marks on the safety and security of the wildlife in Gir.

Sasan Gir Wildlife Forest Safari & Its Charges

For every individual or group seeking to acquire the maximum level of adventure, fun and buzz in one of the most distinguish wildlife sanctuaries across the nation, we offer Gir Wild Life Safari Tour. A Gir Wild Life Safari is exclusively tailored to make your voyage an unforgettable trip and to showcase our dedication toward delivering each tourist a unique blend of escapade, pleasure and thrilled trip each time.

Heart pumping and full of adventure, Gir  Safari Tour offers a pretty clear glance about the unmatched wilderness amid the home of so many rare wild animals like Asiatic lions and Ass and ensures a distinctive combination of unparalleled joy, actions and fun to each visitor. You can easily watch stunning flora and fauna and uncommon wild animals together over the spectacular alleys of Sasan Gir National Park.


As safari in Gir National Park there is only one option of jeep safari. There is no canter safari or elephant safari unlike to the other national parks of India. Tourists who ever visit Gir Park often love jeep safaris. A ride in wild jungle is such an adventurous idea for every visitor. But, for this ride, you must have permission from the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge Office. This is such a wild attraction in Gir. While you are on Gir Jeep Safari, you can spot the Lions in their natural habitat, when they are on the prowl. Watching the Lions from open-roof jeep is altogether a wonderful experience. During your Jeep Safari Tour, you can also click some pictures of the Lions. Best time to spot the Lions are at the dusk and dawn. Jeeps and guides are made available by the Forest Department.


Safari Charges In Gir National Park For Indian and Foreign Nationals:

Safari charges, Rs 4500/ – for Indians and Rs 13800/- for foreign nationals. This is up to 6 persons in a jeep. This includes, Jeep charges, Guide charges and Entrance in the park. Timing are 6 to 9 AM, 9 to 12 Noon and 3 to 6 PM. Camera/movie will be charged Rs 100/. The Jeep will pick up and drop at the Lodge. Advance booking helps to get better route and saves lot of time and energy in last moment.

So, get in touch with us and get further information about your next Gir Wild Life Jeep Safari Tour.

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Pacify Your Roaring Adventure Instinct in the Gir National Park

If you got an adventure-hungry mind that always looks forward to get indulge in any adventure activity or want to embark on an adventurous journey somewhere in the wild away from the bustling, crowded cities, then what could be better than a wildlife safari in a remote, dense forest which is the natural habitat of the most dangerous predator and the King of the Jungle, the Lions. Yes! I am talking about the one and only forest which is the natural home to the endangered Asiatic Lion – the Gir National Park. Take your time out from the busy and the hectic city-lifestyle and pack your bag to embark on a wild journey to one of the most famous wildlife destinations in India. No matter whether you travel alone or with friends or with family, the adventurous journey of Gir National Park will not disappoint you with its amazing scenic beauty of a forest and various wild flora and fauna including the King of the forest.

The Gir National Park spreads in a whopping 1412 sq km of area and situated in the Sasan Gir in the Gujarat state of India. The Gir forest was once the Royal hunting ground of the Royals of Junagarh Kingdom. When there were just a few of the Lions left in the forest due to heavy hunting expedition of Royals and British officers, the Nawab of Junagarh took steps to protect these endangered Asiatic Lions. Later, the forest was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1965 and a national park in 1975. The dry deciduous forest of the Gir looks like a dense brown shade covered a large area of the land. The shrubby trees, rocky and dry soil and most of the wild animals are of the same brown shade which makes the Gir forest different than any other forest of India. The Gir forest is the only natural habitat left in the world for the Asiatic Lions. So, if you want to get the sight of Lions roaming freely, then you have to visit here only.

Getting There

When you chalk out a plan for the wildlife holiday break in the Gir then the first thing that comes to the mind is where the park is located and how to get there without any hassle. As the Gir forest is situated nearby the big and famous cities of Gujarat so it is not a hassle to get there. There are many ways to reach the forest of Gir conveniently. The city of Junagarh and Somanath are the nearest cities to the Gir forest which are located around 60 km and 50 km respectively and connected through the well-maintained state roadways to the Gir. However, the nearest airport is located in Keshod at a distance of 70 km from Gir and the other airport is located at around 160 km in Rajkot. The Junagarh and Rajkot railway stations are well connected to the other cities of India through regular trains. If you are visiting the Gir Park from any corner of India then it is better to reach Rajkot Airport or Railway Station first by Airways or Railways and then take a cab directly to reach Gir, but it will be a costly affair so take the bus to Junagadh and then take an auto-rickshaw or bus to reach Gir. The state-run buses or private buses are frequently available from Rajkot to Junagarh.

Moving Around in Gir

Gir forest department for safari service
Gir forest department for safari service

As Sasan Gir is remotely located away from the towns and cities so the availability of the public transport is not so great in and around Gir. So if you want to tour around the place, then you can contact your hotel to hire the Jeep or Car. However, for the safari inside the forest, you have to get the entry permit and also hire the safari Jeep which is registered with the Gir forest department for safari service. In order to catch the safari Jeep, you have to reach the reception center of the Gir Park. With the little extra payment, your pre-booked jeep safari can also pick you up from the hotel and also drop you back after the safari. You should fix the pickup and drop charges in advance so that the Jeep driver could reach early and pick you from the hotel before the safari timing starts.

Jeep Safari – the Major Attraction of Gir

The King of the Jungle, Lions are the prime attraction of the Gir National Park and the sight of the forest King roaming in its natural habitat freely is such an adventurous activity which will give you an adrenaline rush and a memorable holiday. The Jeep Safari is the only medium through which you can get inside the park and trail the king. The Jeep safari in Gir gets organized in the three shifts – early morning shift (6 AM to 9 AM), morning shift (9 AM to 12 PM) and afternoon shift (3 PM to 6 PM). You can book Jeep Safaris online from the website of Sasan Gir National Park. It is always advised that you should book your safari much advance before visiting the Gir as there is heavy rush during holiday seasons and all the safaris sold many days in advance. There is no spot-booking facility for the safari available in the Gir as all the Safaris are booked through the online booking system. The charge of the Jeep is not included in the entry permit charges so you have to book the Jeep separately.

Best time to Getting There


The Gir National Park remains open for the tourist visit is between 16th October and 15th June and closed rest of the year due to the monsoon season. If you are fond of the pleasant weather and lush forest greenery, then the winter season is perfect for you to visit. You will enjoy the forest safari in the Gir Park from November to February. However, the wildlife enthusiasts prefer to visit the park in the summer season as there are much better chances of spotting the Lions and other wild animals of the forest near the water sources. Though the temperature is very high and the weather is very harsh and hot, but you will get much better sighting opportunity during the summer season. Many artificial water pools are made near the safari tracks so the spotting is easy in between March to mid-June as wild animals tend to come out to drink water and cool themselves in the water pool.

Staying Options in Gir

There is no any option to stay in the Gir forest, but there are many luxurious to economical accommodation options are available just nearby the periphery of the Gir National Park. There are few of the five-star properties with ultra luxurious facilities such as The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Woods at Sasan, Taj Gateway, etc. The other luxurious properties with the moderate prices and excellent services are the Gir Jungle Lodge, Anil Farmhouse, Vanvaso Resort, Saavaj Resort, etc. You can also opt for the government-run resort named Sinh Sadan which is a forest guest house managed by the forest department of Gujarat. Most of the resorts and hotels are in between the range of two thousand and 5 thousand per night. The cheaper hotels and guest houses with moderate facilities and services are also available nearby the Gir forest. You can choose one according to your budget.

Gir Safari Booking Procedure & Gir Jungle Safari Charges

In Gir forest park 3 times safari in a whole day first 6:30 am, second 9:30 am and in evening at 3:30 pm. 100% gir jungle safari available online. If you are planning to do safari in gir, the information given below will help you with the permit booking. Enjoy and get you the best wildlife experience.

  1. Need any ID card number like passport, voter id, driving license and aadhar card.
  2. With the full name, age and gender of every traveller along with printed id of the identity proof.
  3. Booking without ID proof and wrong ID will be considered invalid. Such as bookings will not be allowed for Gir forest safari.
  4. Passport details will be compulsory for foreign nationals.
  5. Six people’s can go through from one e-permit
  6. Tourist can be request for booking 3 months ago from safari booking day.

Safari Charges For Sasan Gir National Park

Price (Indian) :        INR 5300 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep )
Price (Foreigner):   INR 12800 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep )

For Online Safari Booking: http://www.sasangirnationalpark.in/online-gir-forest-safari-booking.html

For Online Devalia Safari Bookinghttp://www.sasangirnationalpark.in/online-gir-forest-safari-booking.html

Group of Miscreants Abused and Harassed Lions While Eating Prey in Gir National Park

Gir National Park, Gujarat

News Update: 03-May-2018

Group of Miscreants Abused and Harassed Lions While Eating Prey in Gir National Park
Group of Miscreants Abused and Harassed Lions While Eating Prey in Gir National Park

Do Indians really care about the wildlife? Do we really understand our duties towards the protected wildlife sanctuary and national parks? We neither respect the serenity of our forests nor value the endangered wildlife species. A video of Gir National Park, which recently surfaced in the news showed that how rude and abusing some people are towards our wildlife and our national pride. Some of the miscreants harassing the protected Asiatic Lions, shouting and whistling while the Lions were eating their prey in the forest of Gir National Park and lastly angered Lions walked away leaving their prey.

At present, the Gir National Park is the one and only natural habitat left for the endangered Asiatic Lions in the world and thus attracts a large chunk of wildlife tourists to get the sighting of the Asiatic Lions in their natural home. Being a National Park, there are strict rules and regulations have to be followed in the Gir National Park like all other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which clearly meant for respecting the space and freedom of the wild animals, and not disturbing them and their habitat in any possible way.

However, some people do not abide the strict guidelines and wildlife laws meant nothing for them. The video of Gir National Park that goes viral is the proof of this mentality which shows that a group of men shouting, whistling and trying to shooing away Lions, scaring them away while they were eating their prey. In the video, three lions were seen eating their prey when some people interrupted them by intruding into their space and started shouting and whistling at them. As the miscreants kept shouting and whistling, the angry Lions walked away without eating their prey and leaving the prey on the spot.

The foremost question is how these people reached so close to the Lions in the Gir National Park, which is a well-protected national park. The authorities of the Gir Forest National Park got into the action when the video reached them. They are trying to find out how these men get so close to the Lions. With the help of the cyber cell, they are trying to trace the mobile and nab the culprits who abused the Lions in the park. The forest officer of Gir National Park, Ramesh Jalodhara said, “We are reaching out to the cyber cell to trace the mobile and its location from which the video has been recorded. After tracing the location, we will try to find out the reason why these people did what they did. Appropriate action will be taken after the probe.”