Men Chasing and Harassing a Lion on the Road in Una near the Gir National Park

Gir National Park, Gujarat

News Update: 05-Nov-2018

Once again, a video has been surfaced recently that shows how a few young men on their motorcycle are chasing a lion on the road nearby the Gir National Park. In the video, a lion was running away from a pack of motorcyclists who happened to be chasing the lion. The video, as it appears, is recorded by one of the motorcyclists of that group.

The video went viral as soon as it has been surfaced on the various social media platforms. It has raised serious questions on the safety and security of the wildlife in the Gir National Park. The forest department of the Gir forest is responsible for the safety of these wild animals of the Gir forest. The incident happened on the Saiyad Rajpara port road in the Una city of the Gir Somnath district adjacent to the Gir National Park.

In the video, it is seen that the lion has been chased away for a large distance before the lion changed its direction and went into the bushes. It is common for the Lions in the Gir National Park to prowl on the streets or roads passing across the forest or around the forest. The increasing number of Lions and crunching of their natural habitat area is the reason of Lions stray out of the forest to nearby streets or roads.

The diminishing of the forest due to the encroaching human settlements is the reason Lions stretching their territory to human settlements adjacent to the forest. As of now, it is speculated that around more than 200 Lions are living on the edge of the Gir forest or outside of the Gir forest. Due to this, human and animal conflict in the Gir region becomes a common phenomenon in recent times. But harassing the protected Asiatic Lions like this is a serious crime and the forest officials must deal with such activities strictly to control such wildlife harassments.

Locals Were Seen Harassing a Hungry Lioness in Gir Forest in a Viral Video

Gir National Park, Sasan Gir

News Update: 06-June-2018

Locals Were Seen Harassing a Hungry Lioness in Gir Forest in a Viral Video

The Gir National Park tops in the incidents of wildlife abusing. In a new video that surfaced recently and goes viral on social media, another incident of harassing the endangered Asiatic lion can be seen which occurred in or around the Gir Forest National Park. It’s not the first time in the Gir forest; this is just another incident which is the perfect example of human’s appalling behavior towards our protected wildlife.

In this video footage of Gir, few local people can be seen teasing a hungry lioness with a chicken. It can be clearly seen in the video that a group of few local men and a woman teasing a lioness with a chicken in hand. The lioness seems hungry and the man first fools the lioness many times by pretending to throw the hen towards her before finally throws it for the lioness to grab and eat. One person among them was capturing all the activity in his mobile camera that later surfaced on the WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

During this harassing activity captured in the video, it can also be heard at one point that a person present there even requested him to make the lioness to roar. When the lioness came very close to the teasing person, he arrogantly boasted that it is his daily activity and he doesn’t get scared of the wild animals anymore.

As per the reports, numerous such video footage’s of wildlife harassment’s, especially, the lion harassment’s were recovered from the mobile phones of the people whom the police had arrested last month on the charge of the illegal Lion show in the Gir forest.

It seems such wildlife harassment incidents by the locals become a normal thing in the Gir Forest. Earlier too, many such videos of the Gir forest had come into the limelight and a lot of outcry and noise had been made by the wildlife enthusiasts over the social media platforms. Such videos put the biggest question marks on the safety and security of the wildlife in Gir.