Gir National Park will be closed for tourists for four months from June 16

Gir National Park, Vadodara Update: Gir National Park which is only abode of Asiatic Lions in India will be closed for visitors from June 16 to October 15 as reported by the Gir officials. The park is closed for Indian as well as foreign visitors. Gir is an abode of 520 Asiatic Lions. This order has been published by the park authority on Saturday.

According to officials Additional Chief Secretary of Environment and Forest Department of Gujarat government Rajiv Gupta, “the park remain closed during this period every year as it is the breeding season for wildlife species living inside the park, including the big cats”.

The monsoon season from June to September is considered to be an ideal season for the breeding. Moreover, during the monsoon season, the condition of road inside the jungle area also deteriorates and it becomes not motoroble. Jeep safari cannot take place during this season. The dedicated safari routes become unsafe for visitors.

Sasan Gir National Park, situated in junagarh district, is the only home for Asiatic Lions and it attracts a huge number of wildlife visitors every year from India and abroad.

Apart from this forest department undertakes the maintenance work of the national park.