About Asiatic Lions

Lions In Gir National Park

There are two species of Lion exist on the earth, one is Indian Lion and another is African Lion. The African Lions are bigger and heavier than the Indian Lions so they are comparatively more powerful. The total of eight sub-species of Lions is found in the wild among which two sub-species are of the Indian Lions and six sub-species of the African Lions. The Indian Lions are scientifically known as the Panthera Leo Persica with physical characteristics of having a long tail while the African Lions have a short tail with the thick hair at the tail-end.

One of the sub-species known as the Masai Lion is found in the eastern part of Africa while the Senegal Lion, another sub-species of African Lion is the native of the western part of Africa. The Transvaal Lion, another African Lion sub-species is mostly found in the Kruger National Park. Another two African Lion sub-species, the Barbary Lion and the Cape Lion are scientifically known as Panthera Leo Leo and Panthera Leo Melanochaitus respectively.

The Indian (Asiatic) Lions are found only in the forest of Gir in the Gujarat state of India in their natural habitat. The average length of an adult Indian Lion is 2.70m while the maximum recorded length of Indian Lion is 45cm. The young Indian Lion has reddish yellow skin color and also known by the name of ‘Oontiya Bagh’ and ‘Savage’ in the Gujarati Language.

Lion's in Indian Mythology :

Since very beginning of the Indian civilization, the wild creatures and different species have always received high respect and recognized by us. There is social and social significance of various organisms in this country. Lions are an integral part of our culture. The oldest proof of the number of lion figures on coins in India is in the time of Chandragupta II. In Indian astrology the sign leo zodiac has been named after the lion. Mughal ruler jahangir was born in the sign leo zodiac. And moreover, the proud lion is the national symbol of india. Before the independence; lion images were printed on postal stamps in Junagarh. According to Hindu mythology, the lion is considered as a vehicle of Goddess Durga. In 1964, the Department of Posts and Telegraph featured a photograph of a famous lion named ‘Tilia’ on the postal stamp. The famous ‘Tilia’, named “King of Vanrajes”, died on March 18, 1965.

Asiatic Lions in India :

It is said that the lions arrived in india about six thousand years ago. The group of lions also knows as “Lehda”. Once upon a time the lions were spread all across the north india but unfortunately there number decrease drastically and remained limited to Kadiavad peninsula till 1984. In story tale, Gir lions brought from Africa. Until 1972, lion was national animal of india, Later this title given to the tiger.

According to the calculation of Junagadh Principality in 1936, the number of lions in gir forest park was 287. In 1963, the number of lions was 285 in gir forest park this calculation according from the Gujarat forest department. Lion’s shelter in gir national park, gujarat. Which are spread over an area of approximately 1412 square kilometers. This area is protected from 1965. According to the calculation done in April, 2010, the number of lions was approximately 411, which were approximately 52 more than the 2005 count. In 2010, male lions 97, lionesses 162 and cubs were 152. A few years ago, the government also talking to relocated lion’s to national park of madhya pradesh from gir forest park. Increasing the number of lion’s, the area of gir forest getting smaller for them, so it could be good move to settle them, it will have to pay attention to many aspects.

Anyway, in 2015 increasing the number of lion’s it is good news for wildlife lovers. According to the census 2015, the numbers of lions were 535 in gir forest park, the number of lion’s has increased to 112 in the six years from 2015. Actually the conditions of cubs are very good right now. But we must also keep in mind that many times a group of lion kills the other group cubs. In such a situation, he does it for his domination since lion is a territorial animal. Therefore, the Gir forest administrators will have to take special care of these cubs and they have to be constantly monitored. In fact, conservation of lion is essential because of being a creature of scientific, economic, beauty, cultural and ecological importance.

Hunter With a Great Skill :

Lion always been great hunter. The lion hunt from behind or hiding. He also can float in the water. In the art of hunting female lion always ahead of the male lion. It the matter of fact male lion always enjoy first feast of prey. Lions can climb on the tree too. Lion’s life is around 20 years. Among its favorites Food, Nilgai, Wild boar, Deer etc. are included.

Family Life of Lion's :

Lions have strong feelings of family life. Generally 20 to 22 lions live in a herd. A bunch of lions often contain one or two males. The lion’s fertility period is from October to November. Pregnancy period of female lion is approximately 105 to 115 days. At birth time the cubs weigh about half kilos and the length is about thirty centimeters. The difference between average of two anecdotes is approximately two to three and a half years. Lion learn to hunt cubs from lionesses. Lion cub’s milk teeth fall into three weeks of age. At one year of age, permanent teeth come in lions. While leaving the permanent teeth to the lions, the blood flow from the mouth and the nose is hot thus they have to endure extreme pain.