Bus Safari in Devaliya

Online Bus Safari Booking in Devaliya

In the western direction of SasanGir Village, almost at a distance of 12 kms from SasanGir, there is a place called Devaliya, inside the Gir National Park and that area has now become a GirInterpretation zone. This area is surrounded by 4.12 kms fence from all sides. This area has been carved out to reduce the pressure of Gir national Park and to increase its importance. Here in this, Gir Interpretation zone spotting of animals become easier and the tourists return with utmost satisfaction. You can explore this area either by gypsy safari or by bus safari in Devaliya.

Bus safari in Devaliya takes about 45 minutes to explore the Devaliya GIZ. These buses are authorized by the government and so it follows the rules and regulations of forest Department only. Entire buses are well maintained and accompanied with the approved driver and the other staffs. In 45 minutes, we get the opportunity to spot lions, deer, jackle, foxes and many others. Most of the wild animals can be seen in open and in their natural habitat.The beauty of the fauna and grassland of Devaliya is also mesmerizing.Bus safari in Devaliya offers a unique experience to explore the wild life and the beauty of the nature. Tourists have to go for online booking well in advance for Bus safari in Devalya.

Bus Safari Timings In Devalia

The timings for Bus safari in Devaliyaare from 7:30 in the morning till 11:00 AM and in the afternoon, it starts at 3:00pm and the safari ends at 5:00pm. Tourists can enjoy Bus Safari in Devaliya in all days of the week except Wednesday. The charges for the Bus safari in Devaliyavary for Indians and foreigners. one bus is there, which charges Rs 150 for Indians and Rs 2800 to foreigners. It offers its services for Devalia Safari ride from Monday to Friday and the other safari bus which runs only on Saturday and Sunday and on the holidays. Charges per person for this bus safari is Rs 190 for safari ride and to the foreigner, charges for bus safari is Rs 3500. Most of the tourists prefer to visit this place in holidays or in weekends. So, the prices for Bus safari in Devaliya is more on weekends and in holidays in comparison to week days. It’s a cheaper option for the common man but offers lots of exciting and thrilling experiences. Even for the booking of Bus Safari in Devaliya, we have to go with the process of online booking by your own or by travel agent. It accommodates almost 20 people in a single trip. In Devaliya safari ride tourists are 100% sure of spotting the Asiatic Lions for which this place is famous for. It is a small area which is carved out from the GIR national park and it is fenced.all around to give a different look to this area. It has been created to reduce the excess pressure of the tourists in the main Sanctuary of the Gir.