Saavaj Resort in Gir

Saavaj Resort In Gir

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Sasan Gir National Park, Gujarat - India

About Saavaj Resort

The name of the resort ‘Saavaj’, in the local language means ‘Lion’. It is said that the Sasan Gir public lives a complete harmony life in the company of ‘Saavaj’. Sighting Lion is their daily affair. The Saavaj Resort is based on this concept only and due to the presence of beautiful eco system it offers the tourist to feel this essence of harmony with ‘Saavaj’, whenever they visit Sasan Gir. This resort is trying every effort, since decade to offer the feeling of natural surroundings to its guests by immersing a beautiful serene surrounding in and around the resort. In true sense the guest staying in this resort feela magical presence of the nature and it becomes unforgettable and memorable experience for their life time. This is the one and only one resort in SasanGir which offers a complete package to the guests whether they are luxury lover or nature lover. The resort has the perfect blend of all its services and the requirement of the guests.

In order to enhance the experiences of the guests staying in Saavaj, the resort management introduces numbers of indigenous experiences which are gradually losing with the today’s generation taste. Here you can experience the production of organic food andfarming. Some of the activities of this resort which the guests experience exclusively in this resort only.

Room Type(Except Holiday period)Holiday period
AC Standard RoomRs. 6,000/-Rs. 6,000/-
AC Swiss TentRs. 7,000/-Rs. 8,000/-
Bunglow (consist 4 rooms)Rs. 18,000/-Rs. 27,000/-
Extra Bed: Rs. 1200 INR per person.

Fruit Picking:

In the season of fruit harvesting, it offers its guests a marvelous experience of picking fruit. It is an exquisite experience. Apart from this activity, this resort offers a wide area of farmland to experience the farming of Banana, Chikoo, Ppaya, Coconut and many other.

Cultural Activities

Initially, some of the local members were used for domestic help. They give performances in the amphitheater, which is in premises of Resort daily. The guests enjoy these cultural performances and that too free of cost.

Natural Water Pool

There is a pool in the resort in which is filled with pure ground water. Guests enjoy the activities in water pool along with their family. Daily the pool of the water is drained out and used for irrigation to maintain hygiene.

It is the only resort where girl guests below 18 years of age are allowed for free stay. So, it is a precious gift to entire unmarried daughters from the owner of the resort. Their fooding and stay is completely free. It is a unique feature amidst the resorts. So, it is a place where guests immerse themselves in numbers of activities other than the food and accommodation in the culture of the region. The best part of this awesome resort is the services of staff who entertain the demand of customer with empathy.

Excellent natural atmosphere, excellent gardening, excellent quality of the room, excellent food and excellent services of the staff make this resort a world fame resort.

Here tourists can enjoy their stay in an exclusive cottage. These cottages are spacious and luxurious. Though these rooms are equipped with entire modern amenities but it also offers conventional feel to the tourist.