How to Reach Sasan Gir National Park

About Sasan Gir National Park:-

Gir National Park is widely known for being a natural habitat of the Asiatic Lions and to see these lions, wildlife lovers, wildlife photographers, professionals, naturalists and normal explorers love to tour around this place. At this time, our customised Gir Wildlife tour package comes as the best solution by featuring an unmatched opportunity to see the Asiatic Lions along with thousands of other rare wildlife animals and birds like Gir Foxes, Asiatic Wild Ass, Brown Fish Own, Hyenas, Black Buck and Pygmy Woodpecker. Our tour packages ensure that our customers should get the greatest comfort, luxury and travel experience. In addition, all the tour packages at Sasan Gir National Park are priced at a reasonable cost.

Sasan Gir National Park - A Wild Home Of The Asiatic Lions -

Apart from Africa, Sasan Gir National Park which is located in Gujarat is the only habitat of the Asiatic Lions in the world as only here you can find them roaming in a free state in the jungle. This ultimate place is situated to the South East part of Junagarh. In 1965, a large geographical area of the park was notified as the wildlife sanctuary for the conservation of the Asiatic Lions. The total area the park covers is 1412 sqkms of which 258 kms area belongs to the core National Park. Due to the indiscriminate hunting of the wildlife by locals of Junagarh, the population of the lions got decreased drastically. Though from rest of the parts in Asia, their existence is almost zero. With the generous efforts of Junagarh Nawabs, the lions have got protection in their hunting grounds.

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