Jeep Safari in Sasan Gir

Highlights of Sasan Gir Jeep Safari
  • Jeep Safari offers you an opportunity to spot the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat.
  • Jeep safari offers you an opportunity to visit the historical ruins of beautiful Sasan Gir fort and the temples of 10th century.
  • Jeep safari ride in Sasan Gir offers numbers of unforgettable memories of adventurous ride full of thrill and adventure. Jeep safari ride offers its guests with plethora of thrilling experience and adventure.
  • Jeep safari ride offers a plethora of opportunities for wild animal’s photographer or bird lovers. They can easily catch some rarely sighted animals and birds for life time in their camera.

Overview of Sasan Gir Jeep Safari

Sasan Gir National Park and the Tiger reserve is one of the best and the most popular wilderness territories. Once upon a time this reserve was the place for playing game exclusive for the royal family of Jaipur. This national Park is famous for offering some of the finest scope of enjoying the glimpse of majestic Royal Bengal Tiger amidst the mystic blend of lush grasslands, rustic hills and cliffs.

Jeep safari offers you an opportunity to explore wild life and at the same time to admire the beautiful landscape of the national park. Jeep safari can carry 6 tourists at a time. Tourists can enjoy the Jeep safari ride as per their choice in the morning or in afternoon as the jeep safari ride is done in two shifts for the tourists to explore the Sasan Gir jungle and the wild animals. You can get the seat in Jeep safari ride on sharing basis or you can book the jeep safari ride exclusively too. In this case you have to book the entire Jeep and it will offer you the enjoyment to experience the private jeep safari in Sasan Gir. If you book entire jeep for your jeep safari ride, you will get the six seats and a driver and a naturalists will also accompany in your trip.

Jeep safari not only offers you an opportunity to spot the tigers rather it also offers some of the brilliant opportunities of spotting some other wild animals like jackal, leopards, varieties of deer, hyenas, foxes and many other animals. Tourists can enjoy their jeep safari ride of 3 hours in the company of naturalists or guide amidst the wildly ambience.

Activity During the Jeep Safari

  • Tourists have to arrive at the boarding location and get themselves prepared for the fun filled and adventurous activity of Jeep Safari ride.
  • Jeep safari ride offers the tourists to have some lifetime experiences by encountering some rare species of wild animals which are just impossible without the jeep safari in Sasan Gir. Here most of the tourists enjoy the amazing experience to spot out the tigers and the tigresses which are unforgettable for life time.
  • By jeep safari in Sasan Gir enjoy the spotting of coy chital, the nilgai, the sambhar deer and many others. Bird lovers will get the opportunities to enjoy a splendid time amidst the numerous varieties of exotic birds like the king vulture and the rhesus macaque.
  • You can also enjoy the thrilling experience by catching a glimpse of some marsh crocodiles basking in the morning sun.
  • Jeep safari in Sasan Gir offers you an opportunity to enjoy the flora and fauna of the national park and to have some unforgettable memories of thrill and adventure. Apart from enjoying the flora and fauna of Sasan Gir, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful landscape which are dotted with the ruins of Sasan Gir fort of 10th century.

Important Points to Know before going for Jeep Safari in Sasan Gir

  • Tourists are requested to report the boarding station at least 30 minutes prior to their chosen slot in order to avoid any disturbance in the Jeep Safari ride.
  • The instructor has full right to reject and cancel the trip of any tourist deemed unfit for the jeep safari ride.
  • The activity of Jeep safari ride is strictly time constraint and so it is advisable for the tourists to follow the timings of the safari ride strictly.
  • Tourists must have to pay proper attention in following the guidelines given by the instructor during the safari ride.
  • Tourists should not carry any meals during their safari ride. It is strictly prohibited.
  • Transfers of the tourists is also not allowed. It is strictly prohibited and considered to be an exclusion in the deal.
  • For every tourist, Id proof is must at the time of booking the jeep safari ride and also the same Id is required upon the arrival. PAN card is not considered to be a valid ID proof.
  • For foreign nationals’ passport and visa is must to share as Id proof. It is required at the time of booking and the same Id is required before going for safari ride.
  • Tourists are charged with the actual price in case of any damage or any breakage.
  • As it is a Covid time. Covid protocols issued by the state government must be followed strictly. Tourists must have to follow proper social distancing during their Jeep safari ride. Use of masks and frequent hand sanitization is recommended and it must be followed strictly by the tourists.
  • Tourists are not allowed to get down from Jeep during their Jeep safari ride due to safety reasons.
  • The forest department has the right to delay the time of the safari ride or to cancel the safari ride, if the weather condition is not suitable. In such cases the tourists are informed for the next best possible time slot.
  • Tourists are not allowed to carry any sharp objects like knife or scissors. Tourists are not allowed to carry alcohol, luggage bag, lighter etc.
  • It is advisable to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages or heavy food before and after the Jeep Safari activity.
  • Tourists are advised not to wear bright clothes. Try to wear mud colour clothes.
  • Tourists are not at all allowed to carry any music system during their Jeep Safari ride.
  • In order to spot the wild animals successfully, tourists are advised to maintain silence during their Jeep Safari ride.