Permit Tips For Gir Safari

Permit Tips For Gir Lion Safari Must Aware Of:-

In Sasan Gir National Park, there are total 3 types of safari trips available for vacationers to enjoy with. All of these safari trips starts at 6:30 AM, 9:30 AM and then at 3:30 PM. In the summer season, the timings often get preponed by half an hour. In all these safari trip timings, the morning time of 6:30 AM is perfect; however, during winters, some negligible difference can be seen in timings. If you visit this park during monsoons, there would not be any safari provision for you.

Let's read on various helpful tips to take permit for Gir Lion Safari :-

  • Gir national park allows maximum of 30 safari vehicles to enter in the park in each shift. As three shifts are organized in a day so total of 90 vehicles are allowed in a day. However, during the peak season, the total number of Jeeps may be increased up to 150 in a day to enter in the park.
  • Almost all the permits for the Jeep safari can be booked through the online booking process from the official website of the Gir national park.
  • 1 permit is allocated for maximum 6 travellers in a jeep of 4 x 4 that would be open. You may also use your own vehicle for safari tour in Gir; however, it has to be an amendable petrol Euro 3 vehicle. In case, the number of travellers is less than 3, you can travel with other vacationers.
  • To get permit of Gir Lion Safari and avoid any inconvenience, it is the best to apply for this permit 90 days in advance along with your photo ID proof of each of the member in your group. You can also make reservation online by individually logging in the website.
  • For the foreigner tourists, only passport can be used as the photo ID proof.
  • Each vehicle travels through 2 routes that include one entry route and one exit route.
  • There are total 8 routes from which these 30 safari vehicles moves in 3 time slots.
  • At initial booking, the park authorities randomly set the routes for vacationers; however, those who are at their second trip, you can request for second route as authorities will consider your request for that route.

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