Best Time to Visit Sasan Gir

Gir National Park Best Time to Visit

The only natural habitat for the Asiatic lions in the world, the Sasan Gir National Park is the most famous wildlife destination for the Lion lovers in India. Spread over the forest area of around 1412 sq km, the Gir Lion reserve forest is the home to more than 38 species of mammals, more than 300 species of avifauna, around 37 species of reptiles along with the nearly 2000 species of insects. The King of the Jungle, the Lion, is the apex predator of this dense deciduous forest and is the prime attraction of this park.

The other mammals which are found richly in this forest are the panther, wild boar, jackal, various species of deer such as sambar, spotted deer, etc., leopard, striped hyena, nilgai, chinkara gazelle, wild buffalos, jungle cats, and many others. A large number of various species of avifauna which are found here make this forest a must visit for bird lovers. More than 200 species of birds which include the peafowl, jungle bush quail, gray partridge, Painted Sandgrouse, common green pigeon and many other exotic birds are the native of this forest. The Gir Forest is a must visit destination in India for the wildlife lovers and the bird watchers.

By the Air-
 The park is open for the whole year except the monsoon season from July to September for three months due to the bad weather condition. The Gir Park is accessible for the forest safari from January to June and October to December but the best time to visit the park is in the winter season as the summer season is considerably very hot so the day safari could be very uncomfortable due to the scorching sun rays. In the winter season, the weather is pleasant and perfect for the open jeep safari in the forest.

By the Rail-
 The milieu of the Sasan Gir Forest is the tropical monsoon climate which can be divided into the three main seasons – exceptionally hot summer season, heavy rainfalls of monsoon season and significantly cool winter season. The winter season is the perfect season and most suited for the tourists visiting Sasan Gir National Park from all over the world. Due to the amiable and pleasing weather, the animals of the forest become more active and they come out in the open to bask in the sun’s heat which enhances the sighting of these wild animals.

By the Road-
 In the winter season, from November to February, the weather is not only ideal for animal sightseeing, but also for indulging in and enjoying the various holiday activities. You can have the pleasure to enjoy the outdoor adventure activities and fun activities without getting tired and dehydrated in the winter season. If you cannot bear the sun’s heat, then it is advisable to avoid visiting the Gir National Park during the months of April to June as the temperature is very high in daytime during these months.

From 16th June to 15th October every year, the park remains closed for any tourism activities in the Gir forest. So, during this period there is no point of visiting Gir forest if your trip is solely for the Gir safari. However, the months of April to June are hot, but these months are best for the wildlife photographers and considered as the ideal time for the photography.